What is Celtic Noh [At the Hawk's Well] (The Hawk Princess)?
Japan and Celt
International influence of Noh

"The Hawk Princess" History

1883 (*1)Ernest Fenollosa took Noh lessons from the first (*2)Minoru Umewaka. (a grand-grandfather of Gensho Umewaka)

1908 Fenollosa passed away. The wife of Fenollosa delivered his notes and translations to Ezra Pound.

1914 W.B. Yeats heard about Noh from Ezra Pound (he was Yeats' secretary of those days). Yeats was researching Irish myth and folk tale for Celtic cultural reconstruction those days, and he found commonalities between Celtic and Japanese Noh spirit.

1915 Yeats started to write "At the Hawk's Well" inspired by Noh.

1916 The premier of "At the Hawk's Well" in London. Michio Ito took a role of The Hawk.

1917 "At the Hawk's Well" was published.
 Link : https://archive.org/details/fourplaysfordanc00yet

1939 Michio Ito came back to Japan, and performed "At the Hawk's Well" at Kudankaikan.

1949 The premier of Noh play "The Hawk Spring", which is Noh version of "At the Hawk's Well", revised by Mario Yokomichi.(*3)

1967 The premier of Noh Play "The Hawk Princess". This is the Noh play made by Mario Yokomichi, revised "The Hawk Spring" again.

2004, 2009, 2012 Gensho Umewaka performed Noh play "The Hawk Princess".

2010 Gensho Umekawa performed Noh & Dancing play "At the Hawk's Well", directed by Gensho and starring Gensho, the ballet dancer Yuan-yuan Tan, and the contemporary dancer Kaiji Moriyama.

2013 Kisho Umewaka and Mansai Nomura performed "The Hawk Princess" collaborating with the pianist, Ryuichi Sakamoto.

*1 Ernest Francisco Fenollosa (1853 - 1908)American professor of History of Eastern art, and philosopher. He evaluated Japanese art highly and made effort to introduce it abroad.
*2 Minoru Umewaka(1828-1909) Kanze-style, Shite-kata Noh Actor
*3 Mario Yokomichi (1916-2012) Noh scholar and director.