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Message from The Ambassador of Ireland

On the occasion of the performance of
WB Yeatsf At the Hawkfs Well/The Hawk Princess

Congratulations to everyone involved in this unique and historic staging of WB Yeatsf dramatic masterpiece At the Hawkfs Well/ The Hawk Princess.

This once-off performance marks the centenary of the playfs publication in March 1917. Celebrated Noh artist, Gensho Umewaka and Anunafs Michael McGlynn have collaborated to weave together strands of Irelandfs and Japanfs great cultures. This is a truly fitting way to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic ties between our two countries.

WB Yeatsf work is treasured worldwide by people of all ages and in all walks of life. In Japan, his rich and sometimes enigmatic verse has influenced many Japanese artists and writers, just as Yeats himself took inspiration from the mystery and symbolism of Japanese traditional theatre.

Our cultural links with Japan are one of the mainstays in our thriving and friendly relations and the figure of Yeats, especially his profound regard for Japanese theatre is one of the important links within that friendship.

I hope that this special connection will be appreciated more widely by our Japanese friends through this event, and that this in turn will lead to more Japanese visitors to Ireland to explore for themselves the many links that bind our two island nations.

Finally I would like to thank the staff of Plankton Music, especially the company President Keiko Kawashima, for their commitment to the project over many months and for bringing it to fruition at Tokyofs wonderful Orchard Hall.

I hope that everyone will enjoy this interesting historical and artistic journey.

Anne Barrington
Ambassador of Ireland