What is Celtic Noh [At the Hawk's Well] (The Hawk Princess)?
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What is Celtic Noh
"At the Hawk's Well (The Hawk Princess)"?

Celtic Noh "The Hawk Princess" is the unprecedented show which has never been seen before, high artistic quality and spirit of "Yugen" of Noh melting together with mysterious Celtic choir.
gThe Hawk Princessh is the only Noh play with the original work written by non-Japanese. It was written by Irish poet, William Butler Yeats. gThe Hawk Princessh is a rare work in which Japanese and Celtic spirits are melting together, and also shows a commonality between them.
Yeats was inspired by Noh culture strongly, and recognized the shared ideology between them. He wrote gAt the Hawkfs Wellh inspired by Noh and published in 1917. After that, gAt the Hawkfs Wellh was imported to Japan and revised as Japanese Noh play gThe Hawk Princessh which was premired in 1967.
2017 is 100th Anniversary of publishing of gAt the Hawkfs Wellh, 50th Anniversary of gThe Hawk Princessh, and 60th Anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Ireland and Japan.
In this timing, this show will indicate same spirit, between Ireland and Japan, which has a rich imagination and connected to Other World.