What is Celtic Noh [At the Hawk's Well] (The Hawk Princess)?
Japan and Celt
International influence of Noh
In a solitary island, there is a dried well which is surrounded by hazel trees and rocks.
It's said that who drinks water from the well would obtain the eternal life. The spirit of nature, The Hawk Pricness is watching over the well.
An old man has been waiting for water coming for many decades. The water from the well comes up only at "magic time". However, every time when "magic time" comes, the old man always falls asleep and wakes up after the well dries up. He is barely surviving and waiting for water day after day.
One day, a young man called Cu Chulainn arrives to the island looking for the legendary water. He says that he is the prince of Hashi kingdom, and he heard about the well in the feast and sailed all the way from the kingdom over the sea. The old man and Cu Chulainn dispute over the well, then suddenly the Hawk Princess cries and flaps. it's a indication of water coming up.
The Hawk Princess and Cu Chulainn gaze each other, and the old man tells Cu Chulainn not to be hypnotized otherwise he can never escape from the island. The old man used to be like Cu Chulainn who came to the island looking for the water.
The Hawk Princess dances, The old man uses up all of his energy, and Cu Chulainn loses consciousness.
At that moment, the water wells up, but the Hawk Princess drinks it all and goes away.
Again, only the dried well is left, the old man becomes a ghost and wanders. He laments his agony that he ended up not drinking the water, then he turns into a rock…