Thank you everyone for sending us the "Bon" Dancing Video!!!

Bon dancing is a style of dancing for Japanese Festa, welcoming spirits of ancestor.

Video which you send us will be edited and used for Minyo Crusaders' online streaming live which is planned to release in Jan 2021.

Stage live

Stage live performance video released Scheduled for Jan 2021.

Minyo Crusaders

Minyo Crusaders rework traditional Japanese folk songs (minyo) with Latin, African and Caribbean rhythms to create some of the most infectious music between South America and Japan. The punchy and inventive arrangements of this ten-piece big band breathe new life into these traditional working-class folk songs. Their debut album "Echoes of Japan" is set for a worldwide release in April 2019 but the band have already made waves across the globe picking up fans such as Ry Cooder who described them as "the best band I have heard in many years".

01. Anyone can participate in this project.
02. If you are a minor, please participate with the consent of your parents or gurdian.
03. If there is a person in the video together with the participant, please be sure to obtain permission from that person in advance.
04. Do not perform the acts (hereinafter referred to as "prohibited acts") specified in Article 3 (Prohibited acts) below.

2. Usage
01. The video you send may be used on our SNS, YouTube, website, etc.
02. When using a video, we can edit it in a form suitable for the medium used (shortening, arranging multiple works on one screen, trimming a specific scene, etc.)

3. Prohibited acts
Please do not perform prohibited acts when participating in this project. If we find a prohibited act, we will take appropriate action, such as contacting the right holder.

01. Photographing in places where photography is prohibited, dangerous places, or places without the owner's permission
02. Acts that are annoying to a third party, such as making a loud voice unnecessarily, playing music at a loud volume, blocking a road, etc.
03. Acts that violate these Terms and Regulations
04. Actions that hinder the operation of this project
05. Acts that cause nuisance, disadvantage, damage or discomfort to a third party
06. Acts that slander or damage the honor or credibility of a third party
07. Acts that infringe all rights including copyrights and other intellectual property rights of third parties (character goods, music created by third parties, use of cosplay, etc.)
08. Acts that infringe the property, privacy or portrait rights of a third party 09. Acts of applying for data that promotes obscene, child pornography and sexual exploitation of children
10. Providing information for commercial purposes, advertising or solicitation
11. Election activities, acts similar thereto, and other political or religious acts
12. Acts that offend public order and morals, criminal acts, or acts that may lead
13. Act of inputting and transmitting information that gives false or misleading information
14. Acts that violate the terms of use of the Twitter/Instagram app
15. Act of impersonating as a third party (act of copying another person's video without permission and applying as if it were a video taken by oneself)
16. Acts that the Company judges to be malicious or inappropriate
17. Other acts similar to the above

4. Personal Information / Privacy Policy
Except as otherwise provided in this agreement, we will use the personal information provided by the participants in this project within the range necessary for the operation of this project. In addition, we will properly store the personal information. For the handling of personal information, please refer to our "Privacy Policy".

5. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Japanese law is the governing law of this agreement, and the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance for disputes related to this project.

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