Giovanni Sollima
Special concert 2020 ‘Theory of the Earth’

Concerto for cello, shamisen and orchestra

Monday, 11th May @Sumida Triphony Hall (large hall)
Start:19:00 (Open:18:15)
Ticket price: All reserved: 6,000JPY / Under 15: 3,000JPY
*+500JPY at the door *Preschoolers are not admintted
*Sumida-ku discount( residency, work, study) is 10%( only for advanced sale, contact Sumida Triphony Hall ticket centre)

Giovanni Sollima (cello)
Tetsuya Nozawa (shamisen)
Yuki Morimoto (condoct)
Senzokugakuen String Orchestra

First half: Giovanni Sollima solo performance
Early music, baroque, ethnic music, rock, own composition etc. The world of Giovanni Sollima who travels the world of music and history freely.
Provisional pieces include: Natural Songbook (G.Sollima), Lamentatio(G.Sollima), Cello Suite(J.S.Bach), Fandango(Boccherini)/Caprice de Chaconne (Corbetta)/Hallelujah (L. Cohen) and other.

Second half:Theory of the Earth
For cello, shamisen and orchestr
For shamisen we have energetic Tetsuya Nozawa who has brilliant skills and the specially formed Senzokugakuen String Orchestra, Vienna-based concoctor Yuki Morimoto and show the world of Giovanni Sollima in the best possible way. (40min)

Ticket sales will start on February 1st, 2020

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About "Theory of the Earth"

Maestro Giovanni Sollima’s masterpiece that make the most of the Japanese shamisen, cello roars and blend with the special orchestra.
This piece was commissioned by shamisen player Akiko Nishigata in 2005 and this is the replay of the masterpiece for the first time in 15 years.
Sollima imagined the beauty of Mt.Fuji and Sicilian volcano Mt. Etna of his homeland and wrote the energy of the earth in magnificent scale. The East and West confront each other and compete, the mythology and legend are provoked by the operatic, dramatic sound. This masterpiece can be called "the music of the earth".
The title was inspired by the book of Scottish geologist James Hutton.

Commentary on the piece by composer

Until this time, I have only used the sampled sound of shamisen for my composition, and when I got asked to write a piece from Ms. Akiko Nishinata, I was excited to explore the possibility of the sound and feel of shamisen, as well as trembled about the encounter of this instrument which is deeply rooted in Japanese tradition. But because I play the cello which is the same stringed instrument, and experienced the Indian sitar few years ago, and also my innocent curiosity, I felt the friendliness with the instrument at the same time.

Last year (2004), I met Ms. Nishigata in Tokyo and she played the shamisen for me and showed me the beautiful picture book of Mt.Fuji by Toshinobu Takeuchi and in the boo, I saw the fantasy, mythology, many different kind of lights and shadows, magical stories and flowers and trees from different angles, and I felt the sound of strings around shamisen.

This year (2005), in April, I started to think more about this piece and I imagined the stormy island of small volcano, near Sicily. Then storm started to blow inside me.

The title “Theory of the Earth” was inspired by the book of Scottish geologist James Hutton (1726-1797) who mentioned the creation of the land on earth. But for the piece itself, I imagined and focus on the rituals, religion, people, stories and mythologies in the two volcanos, Mt.Fuji and Mt.Etna. For the abstractness of the balance between human, animals and energy, the each movement expresses them as not being given any title.

This piece has strong connection of the each four movement which contains earthy, primitive elements and slow and gentle elements. You might feel and imagine a tree as a living orgasm in the system of the earth. I feel this is a very primitive piece, and that is the initial starting point to write the piece.

Giovanni Sollima
(from the sleeve notes "Japanese musician BEST TAKE Akiko Nishigata V Shamisen meets Orchestra")

Organized by Earth Music Project
Cosponsorship Sumida Triphony Hall
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